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Stop building tools to support your business, focus on building value for your customers

We are a team of European developers who joined their forces to build software for developers and marketers. What we learned while working at leading software companies like Apple and VMware allows us to provide you with scalable, reliable and efficient, yet very affordable Cloud services.

Our mission is to simplify the recurring tasks involved in developing a website, online store, mobile app, ... so that you, fellow developer or marketer, can focus your time on what you are really good at. We solve very specific problems with super easy-to-use Cloud services.

By investing in dedicated and distributed server infrastructure as well as negotiating large CDN contracts, we keep our infrastructure costs low and can reflect this into our competitive pricing.



Image Resizing and Acceleration


Image Resizing and Acceleration


Image Resizing and Acceleration


Image Resizing and Acceleration


Image Resizing and Acceleration


Image Resizing and Acceleration

No outside capital. No VCs. No pressure

4 Rules for building useful software

4 Rules

for building useful software

No outside capital, No VCs

We decided to build the Scaleflex toolkit without any outside capital. We are self-funded and grow our team thanks to our users. No outside pressure allows us to focus on what matters: our users.

No pressure

We do not set ourselves revenue targets and deadlines for product delivery. We deliver as we talk to our users and identify room for new features.

Promote initiative

Our developers spend up to 30% of their time working on personal projects. If a project has value for our users, we add it to the Scaleflex toolkit and promote it alongside our other services.

Privacy by design

Our software is built with the user's privacy in focus. With recent EU privacy regulations (GDPR), we make sure that our tools keep you compliant... and safe.

From the Field

Our users loving us is our biggest reward

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